Featured Service

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

GIS mapping adds invaluable detail to any agricultural or environmental field service. For more information about our GIS mapping services, email us at info@geoscopelabs.com.

Environmental Testing

"We need to have our water/soil/air tested. What types of environmental tests do Geoscope offer?"

Geoscope Environmental Laboratories provides a myriad of analyses to a wide range of clients.  Our most frequently requested analyses are listed below. Our expert staff is willing and able  to meet your every analytic need....


Environmental Site Assessments

"What is an Environmental Site Assessment? Why would I need one?"

Geoscope Environmental Laboratories provides Environmental Site Assessments that are often requested by lenders to determine the environmental condition of a property.  Site Assessments can consist of up to...


Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Monitoring 

"We need someone to monitor our water/wastewater plant to be sure that we are functioning within EPA requirements."

Geoscope Environmental Laboratories offers it's clients over 60 years of water/wastewater management, design, analyses and monitoring that are harnessed to sustain the ever-evolving technological advancements.  We work with our clients to provide specialized...