Ethiopia Initiative

Programs that Support Ethiopia's Sustainable Development

Geoscope partners with the United Nations Association of the National Capitol Area annually to design programs centered on environmental causes that promote Ethiopian development. Our staff has worked..



Science news

EPA Sustainable & Healthy Communities Research Program| *NEW* Eco-Health Relationship Browser Introduction|September 24, 2012|

The Eco-Health Relationship Browser illustrates the linkages between human health and ecosystem services - benefits supplied by Nature.  This interactive tool provides information about the ecosystems, the services they provide and how those services, or their degradation and loss, may affect people. 


Drought's Impact on Chesapeake Bay |Chesapeake Bay Foundation| 

The near-record drought that is hammering the Midwest and Wet this summer is also causing moderate drought conditions for farmers in parts of Maryland and Virginia...Last week the Agriculture Dept declared more than 1,000 counties in 26 states as natural disaster areas, the Washington Post reports...


Geoscope is dedicated to promoting a balanced relationship between our global community and the world that we live in.

Geoscope has partnered with a number of agencies at the local to the state, federal and international levels to address environmental issues locally, regionally and around the world.

Geoscope Programs

  • Home Owner's Initiative: Unsafe well water puts thousands of children at risk every year and is the sole responsibility of the homeowner. Geoscope provides well water testing and education that is catered to homeowners. Geoscope offers an initial one-time at-cost analysis for homeowners that are serviced by rural well water.  

        • Water and Sanitation Hazards (W.A.S.H.) Educational Grant Program: Geoscope Environmental Laboratory is the proud recipient of The W.A.S.H. Educational Grant from SGRho 90210! Which provides funding to  (1) educate under serviced communities in Ethiopia and the United States about clean water resources, (2) train & certify women in those communities, (3) increase global awareness, (4) facilitate communication between communities facing water related issues, (5) educate women on communicable diseases and (6) increase access to potable water and sanitation system.

  • Economic Development Forum: Private equity activity in emerging markets is growing faster than in developed regions. Private equity firms of all sizes and structures are active in capitalizing on these emerging opportunities both domestically and overseas. Geoscope works with the Maryland Chamber of Commerce to discuss the state of the Private Equity Environmental & Agriculture Industry investments in emerging markets around the world. These discussions address methods of raising funds, insuring equity & establishing points of contact for private equity firms seeking new markets within which to invest.


    Capacity Development & Training: Geoscope helps to providing training on procedures and policies that ensure reliable results and federal, state, and local compliance. Capacity Development and Training Programs may extend for an hour, day, or weekend training course.  Geoscope also offers extended training programs for large scale capacity development that last anywhere from 7 - 14 days. Training programs are designed on a case-by-case basis. 


    Technology Transfer: Supporting growth and development on the shore means opening up our agriculture and technology innovations that are developed here on the shore and promote environmentally sound growth to new and expanding markets both locally and overseas. Geoscope helps to expand domestic technologies into new quickly emerging markets.  Contact our offices to identify your niche in agriculture and discuss the emerging markets that best suite your technology.