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Expert Quality

Geoscope Environmental Laboratories' staff harnesses over 60 years of analytical and program design to ensure that every customer is treated with care and is comfortable with the quality and the content of their service. The quality of our expertise informs every aspect of our business.


Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Monitoring


Geoscope Environmental Laboratories offers it's clients over 60 years of water/wastewater management, design, analyses and monitoring that are harnessed to sustain the ever-evolving technological advancements.  We offer municipalities and private water/wastewater treatment plant facilities the service of monitoring and maintaining their systems to the standards that they and their regulatory agencies set

Water Treatment Facilities

Geoscope is committed to providing these customers with the highest-quality drinking water by first ensuring that the water we deliver meets or surpasses federal Safe Drinking Water Act standards, and secondly, by providing you with the most reliable service possible. We collect water samples continuously to ensure that the water leaving the plant meets EPA standards. In addition, Geoscope collects tap water samples throughout on a daily basis and analyzes the samples immediately on site and at our distribution laboratory.

Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Geoscope offers its clients the services associated with managing their wastewater treatment facilities. We receive and treats wastewater collected from their sewer system. We assume the responsibility of ensuring that the required standards of emissions are met

We continually evaluate potential developments in technology and methodologies that improve and enhance our clients wastewater treatment facilities and processes.  Geoscope is committed to better serve the community, protect the environment, and ensure the safety and reliability of our water. Geoscope uses regular preventative in-house laboratory analyses in order to ensure that our clients' facilities meet federal, state, and local permit and regulatory requirements.

Our wastewater treatment goals include the following:

  • Protect the water quality natural water resources

  • Provide treatment capacity for current and future needs

  • Replace aging facilities and continually improve system reliability

  • Reduce biosolids odors onsite and offsite

  • Improve biosolids so they are easier and cheaper to manage and recycle

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