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Geoscope Environmental Laboratories & United Nations Asociation |Geoscope Gearing Up for 2014 UN Day Programs!!! |

Geoscope Environmental Laboratories is gearing up for its annual focus on Ethiopia's strides towards the Millennium Development Goals' deadline in 2015.  By bringing together the foremost scholars, policy makers, industrialists, and analysts, we strive to effect honest and measurable change in our global environment.

  S.G. Ban Ki-Moon UN Day 2011



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Ethiopia Initiative

"Ethiopia boasts extraordinary cultural, historical and natural wealth." - Frances Gordon, Author

Geoscope partners with the United Nations Association of the National Capitol Area annually to design programs centered on environmental causes that promote Ethiopian development. Geoscope Environmental Laboratories' staff has worked diligently since 2008, to promote Ethiopian agricultural, social, and economic development.


The UNA & UNIFEM collaborated to present a documentary entitled "Hijacked Future".

Geoscope worked in conjunction with the UNANCA & UNIFEM to discuss the practicality of Ethiopian agricultural methods serving as a model that encourages biodiversity and ultimately empowers the farmers to maximize their profits and production.  Critics of this model identify that it, infact, stifles the model that encourages genetic modification in order...


Health Film Screening

The UNA & UNIFEM collaborated to present a documentary entitled "Not Yet Rain".
Geoscope worked in conjunction with the UNIFEM and the UNANCA to encourage the a dialog on the role that policy makers have in achieving the delicate balance between equality, faith, culture, and gender within Ethiopia's ancient civilization. Discussants from international advocacy groups, traditional church sectors, the UNA and Howard University's...


Cultural Ways to Curb Maternal Morbidity

The UNA-NCA and UNFPA partnered with Geoscope & discuss HHS in Ethiopia.
Panelists Sarah Craven, chief of the UNFPA and Yodit Negede, International Program Manager of Geoscope Environmental, engage in a riveting talk on prevalent reproductive health issues in Ethiopia and cultural concessions that must be taken into consideration before implementing UN programs in Ethiopia.


Water Quality
& Sanitation Technologies

The United Nations Habitat, United Nations Association, & Geoscope host a meeting for top officials for a discussion on water & tourism.
Ethiopia's rich and unique history makes it a prime religious and vacation destination and, on the other, the water quality and sanitation standards are a detouring concern for tourists the world around.  Speaker Chris Williams, with the UN Habitat, presented the past and present programs that have addressed...



In conjunction with the United Nations Foundation, Geoscope welcomes Meklit Hadero to the stage to celebrate UN water initiatives in Ethiopia.
Geoscope Environmental Laboratories joins singer/songwriter Meklit Hadero on the eve o her trip to Ethiopia for her performance to launch the UN Women's campaign for gender equality, at her FREE Concert LIVE at the Kennedy Center in celebration of UN Initiatives that promote access to clean water in Ethiopia.


Water Policy, Advocacy & Business

Geoscope and the UN Foundation collaborate with the Horinko Group to host the 2011 Water Summit. 

The Horinko Group partners with Geoscope Environmental to make the 2011 Horinko Group Water Summit's three-panel discussion on Water Governance, Water Advocacy and the Business of Water, a featured event during he UNA-NCA's commemorative UN Month Celebrations!

Bio-Tech & Ag Engineering Luncheon

The "Bio-Tech & Ag Engineering Luncheon" being held on June 21, 2018, at the Hyatt Chesapeake, is strategically designed to highlight technological capacity and cultural exchange in the interest of developing long standing relationships through expanded bilateral trade ...