Our Labs

"We offer the highest quality of skilled expertise supported by state of the art technology." - Negede Gedamu, Operations Manager

Geoscope Environmental Laboratories provides analytical support to both the private and public sectors. Our labs provide an array of analytical services to projects both large and small within the State of Maryland and Nationwide. Frequently, Laboratory services are custom-tailored to meet user's individual needs and changing program demands. Organizationally, GEL is separated into 4 Separate Laboratories, 3 Administrative Offices, and Separate Sample Receiving & Preparation Areas. 

Subordinate Laboratories

Metals Laboratory
Our Metals Laboratory is responsible for analyzing metals in a wide variety of matrices.  It has the capability of supporting a number of programs including acid rain, landfill assessment, hazardous waste investigations and Lake sediment/fish studies.

Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
Our Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory is responsible for all non-metal/inorganic analyses performed by Geoscope Environmental.  This laboratory supports a number of diagnostic water quality studies, landfill assessments, drinking water, storm water and swimming water testing.
Organic Chemistry Laboratory 
Our Organic Chemistry Laboratory provides identification for organic materials in water, solids and air.  Analyses include volatiles, carbonyls and motor/diesel range organic chemicals.  Analyses are performed using gas chromotagraphy and gas chromatography-mas spectroscopy.
Microbiology Laboratory 
Our Microbiology Laboratory provides identification of microbiological organisms that may be present in a number of environments including drinking water, recreational waters, food, drink, and organic waist.